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.ppt   automatics.ppt (Size: 431.5 KB / Downloads: 350)

These are machine tools in which components are machined automatically.
The working cycle is fully automatic that is repeated to produce duplicate parts with out participation of operator.
All movements of cutting tools, their sequence of operations, applications, feeding of raw material, parting off, un loading of finished parts all are done on machine.
All working & idle operations are performed in definite sequence by control system adopted in automatic which is set up to suit a given work.
Only operation reqd to be performed manually is loading of bar stock/ individual casting/ forged blanks.
These machines are used when production requirements are too high for turret lathes to produce economically.

Greater production over a given period.
More economy in floor space.
More consistently accurate work than turrets.
More constant flow of production.
Scrap loss is reduced by reducing operator error.
During machine operation operator is free to operate another machine/ can inspect completed parts.

These are turning machines used for chucking work.
In this type of lathes although all movements of w/p (or) tools are automatically controlled, but w/p has to be loaded into & removed from chuck at beginning & end of each cycle of operation.
Machine cycle is automated, but direct participation of operator is reqd to start subsequent cycle, i.e., to machine each w/p.
Operator work is to load w/p or blank into machine, start the ma/c, checks the work, & removes the completed part by hand.
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.ppt   The_Lathe machine.ppt (Size: 1.89 MB / Downloads: 156)
This article is presented by:

The Lathe Machine


Lathe forerunner of all machine tools
First application was potter's wheel
Rotated clay and enabled it to be formed into cylindrical shape
Very versatile
Used for turning, tapering, form turning, screw cutting, facing, drilling, boring, spinning, grinding and polishing operations

Types of Lathes

Engine lathe
Not production lathe, found in school shops, toolrooms, and job shops
Primarily for single piece or short runs
Manually operated

Special Types of Lathes
Turret lathe
Used when many duplicate parts required
Equipped with multisided toolpost (turret) to which several different cutting tools mounted
Employed in given sequence
Special Types of Lathes
Single- and multiple-spindle automatic lathes
Six or eight different operations may be performed on many parts at the same time
Will produce parts for as long as required
Tracer lathes
Used where a few duplicate parts required
Hydraulically operated cross-slide controlled by stylus bearing against round or flat template

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.pptx   1LATHE.pptx (Size: 335.69 KB / Downloads: 38)


It is a power driven machine for metal removing operation.

Principle Of Lathe

The lathe operates on the principle of the work being rotated against the edge of a cutting tool. It is one of the oldest and most important machine tools. The cutting tool is controllable and can be moved lengthwise on the lathe bed and into any desired angle across the revolving work.

Types Of Lathe

1) Speed Lathe
2) Centre Or Engine Lathe
3) Bench Lathe
4) Tool Room Lathe
5) Capstan and Turret Lathe
6) Automatic Lathe
7) Special Purpose Lathe

Operations On a Lathe

1) Plain Turning.
2) Facing
3) Step Turning
4) Taper Turning
5) Drilling
6) Reaming
7) Boring
8) Under cutting or Grooving
9) Threading
10) Knurling

Specification Of Lathe

Lathe is specified by-
1) The height of centre measured from the lathe bed.
2) Swing diameter over bed.
3) Swing diameter over carriage.
4) Length between centers.
5) Maximum bar diameter through spindle.
6) Length of lathe.
7) Width of lathe.
8) Height of lathe.


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