Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
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.ppt   CROs.ppt (Size: 159 KB / Downloads: 240)

Look and play
Read instructions
Break into smaller parts
Decide on a simple measurement
Increase your level of difficulty
Record pathway. How you got there.
Store directions and short-cuts

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
Popular instrument to show time, voltage both DC and AC. Shows Volts / Time.
Display waveforms. Spectrum scope shows volts to Frequency
Cathode (-ve ) is heated, emits electrons, accelerated toward a (+ve) fluorescent screen. Intensity grid, Focus grid, Accelerating anode. (Electron gun)
Horizontal deflection plates.
Vertical deflection plates
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.ppt   CATHODE RAY OSCILLOSCOPE.ppt (Size: 1.75 MB / Downloads: 152)

Invented by German scientist Karl Ferndinand Braun in 1897.
He introduced CRT with Fluorescent screen and named it as CRO.
Consist of Cathode Ray Tube(CRT)

CRTs operates well in voltage range of 2-5 kv

Popular instrument to show time, voltage both DC and AC. Shows Volts / Time.
Display waveforms.
Opetares on Voltages.
Very fast X-Y Plotter
Movement of luminous spot in response to Input Voltage traces waveform w.r.t Time

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

Cathode (-ve ) is heated, emits electrons, accelerated toward a (+ve) fluorescent screen
Horizontal deflection plates.
Vertical deflection plates
Phosphor screen(Fluorescent screen)
All are enclosed in Glass envelope.

Cathode Ray Tube(CRT)

When electrons hit the screen the phosphor is excited and emits light.
Persistence. How long the display glows.
Connect a signal to Vertical deflection plate.
At same time a voltage that increases linearly with time (Ramp) is applied to the Horizontal deflection plates.

This horizontal linear deflection is produced by the Sweep generator.
Sawtooth wave.

When the sweep signal returns to zero ie the end of the sweep, the beam flies back to the start position. The beam is cut off during the flyback time.

The display is made to appear stationary.
This controlled by your adjustment settings.
The eye sees a waveform.
X is <----> Horizontal
Y is ^ Vertical Height of trace

The signal is amplified by the vertical amplifier, applied to the vertical plates.
A portion of the vertical amplifier signal is applied to the Sweep Trigger.
The sweep trigger generates a pulse
This pulse turns on the sweep generator initiating the sawtooth wave form.
The sawtooth wave is amplified by the horizontal amp and applied to the horizontal deflection plates

The trigger can be based on 50 (60) Hz

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to get information about the topic "cathode ray oscilloscope " full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow
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plz provide me info. abt applications of c.r.o.......
plz rply soon.............

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