Cloak of Invisibility
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Cloak of Invisibility

Franco Zambonelli & Marco Mamei
February 2003

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to get information about the topic "INVISIBILITY AND METAMATERIAL:-A Technology of Human Future" full report ,ppt,and related topic refer the link bellow
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Creating complete optical camouflage across the visible light spectrum would require a coating or suit covered in tiny cameras and project and implimentationors.
With optical-camouflage technology the invisibility cloak is already a reality.


Augmented-reality systems add computer-generated information to a user's sensory perceptions


The cloak that enables optical camouflage to work is made from a special material known as retro-reflective material.
A retro-reflective material is covered with thousands and thousands of small beads.
This is the person who wears RETRO-REFLECTIVE coat.


We project and implimentation background image onto the masked object, so that we can observe the masked object just as if it were virtually transparent.
It provides invisibility in the visible portion of the spectrum.


First, keep the video camera behind the person in the cloak, and capture his background.
Then, project and implimentation the captured image onto the cloak from the project and implimentationor.
When we see from peephole, the cloak is transparent.


This Cloaking System is designed to conceal an object from view by placing a thin video screen between the observer and the object being concealed .
At the same time we present a full color image of the background on the screen for view by the observer,thus creating an illusion that the object is not there.


To use an object covered by retro-reflective material as a screen
To place a project and implimentationor into a position optically conjugated with the observer's eye by using a half-mirror.
To make the project and implimentationor's iris as small as possible (by using a pinhole).


Used in Stealth technology,to make airplane invisible to Radar
As a security instrument it can protect national strategic resources from theft and sabotage.
Used in cockpit for making the floor transparent at landing, the pilot can land safely with seeing runway.
Although this is having some disadvantages, Optical Camouflage is a nice technology. However further developments are being going on. I believe this is going to change the entire world

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