Handheld Computers
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Handheld Computers

Four years ago Palm created the first successful PDA. Today it holds an 80% share of the market for handheld computers. Its most serious competition is a family of devices from various vendors based on the Windows CE operating system. In some ways the competition between these two systems is reminiscent of the earlier Macintosh-Windows battle. Users become familiar with a device and develop strong preferences.The Palm OS was originally designed for a device with 512K of memory and no hard disk. Subsequent models doubled and redoubled available memory until the current generations of devices (IIIxe, Vx, IIIc) have 8M RAM at the same or lower prices than the original model.

Although the Palm OS was modified to allow use of larger memory, it retains its original base architecture and processing speed. It is almost impossible for an ordinary user to use anywhere near the full 8M. Windows CE is a scaled down version of the Windows 9x operating system. Just booting the system seems to use up 3M of the RAM, and with Pocket versions of Word, Excel, IE, and (in some models) Access it is fairly simple to fill a typical 16 or 32M systems. CE devices typically have a slot for a plug in "Compact Flash card".

The most common use for the card is to add 32 to 128M of non-volatile memory to hold large files as an alternative to disk storage. Although CE appears to be big and sloppy, it is not architecturally constrained by a small memory design. Early versions of CE were unsuccessful because the hardware had not caught up with the design. Today the available processor and memory technology can support CE competitively with Palm. In subsequent generations of technology, CE may be more flexibly designed to take advantage of additional power. Until recently, a Palm system cost $300 to $450 while CE systems typically cost $600 to $800.
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A personal digital assistant (PDA), is called a palmtop computer, is a category of mobile devices or hand held computers that functions as a personal information manager. These mobile devices has really changed our lives, due to there portability. A PDA has an electronic visual display, enabling it to include a web browser, but some newer models also have audio capabilities, enabling them to be used as mobile phones or portable media players. Many PDAs can access the Internet, intranets or extranets via Wi-Fi or Wireless Wide Area Networks. In some of the PDAs, the touch screen function made them their use more comfortable

The term PDA was first used on January 7, 1992 by Apple Computer CEO John Sculley at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, referring to the Apple Newton. In 1996, and after that many leading companies launched their own devices of this category. Popular smartphone brands include HTC, Apple, Palm, Nokia Nseries, and RIM.

Typical features

1. A typical PDA has a touchscreen for entering data.
how ever som PDAs does not support touch screen function, using softkeys, a directional pad, and a numeric keypad or a thumb keyboard for input; this is typically seen on telephones that are incidentally PDAs.....

2.A memory card slot for data storage, and IrDA, Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi.

3.Its software includes an appointment calendar, a to-do list, an address book for contacts, and some sort of memo (or "note") program. PDAs with wireless data connections also typically include an email client and a Web browser.

And many other features are involved in its popularity....

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wow... nice description ....
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