Multi View Video and its transmission
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Multi-View Video and its transmission


¢ A little history:
“ Motion pictures
“ T.V broadcast : live, digital.
“ DVD, BD, VOD etc
¢ Single View Video
¢ Limitations:
“ Only one view
“ No interaction

Basic Idea

¢ Multi-view=>Many views
¢ Multiple cameras focused on a single event
¢ Different view angles + effects=>IMV
¢ Used in product demos,ads,surgical instructions, sports etc
¢ E.g. 33 camera EyeView System used in SuperBowl 2001

Capturing part

¢ Camera, pan-tilt unit, control PC, synchronization unit.
¢ Spatial camera configuration
“ Parallel
“ Convergent
“ Divergent
¢ Compression and encoding done using MVC.

Server and Client side

¢ Collects ˜n™ compressed video streams
¢ Transfers users requests to control PC.
¢ Client receives and decodes MVV.
¢ Also facility to store and playback.


¢ View Switching
“ Switching from 1 camera to another
¢ View sweeping
“ Switching between adjacent view directions
“ Video still playing.
¢ Frozen moment
“ Time frozen
“ Camera rotated about a point
“ Real time implementation done in SuperBowl is shown

System Modules

¢ Major Modules are:
“ System Calibration
“ Object tracking
“ Video capturing
“ Video delivery
“ Video viewer

System Calibration

¢ Consists of:
“ Geometrical calibration
“ Color normalization
¢ Geometrical calibration: arrangement of cameras.
¢ Color Normalization: smoothen illumination changes

Object tracking and Video capturing

¢ Tracking moving objects
¢ Camera assembly arranged as master slave.
¢ Collecting, assembling and protecting video signal.

MVV delivery

¢ The 3 assumptions based on user study
¢ Concept of I frame
¢ Compression using I frame concept
¢ Streaming and Broadcasting modes


¢ As said earlier:2 streams
¢ Based on user study: for 90° no: of views=6.
¢ Saved b/w used for special effects.
¢ More snapshots sent when interesting event occurs.

MVV Viewer

¢ Connects to server receives MVV-decodes it
¢ Supports playback of stored MVV™s
¢ User interaction facilitated through special function keys


¢ Viewing same event from multiple angles
¢ Bound to revolutionize every field from entertainment to education
¢ Microsoft-8 patents-NATAL
¢ MVC still to be approved by MPEG
¢ Multi-View Video
“ The future is here

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