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We are facing a mountain of environmental problems wrought by accelerating technological development and increased consumption patterns. The larger issues before us are global warming, atmospheric pollution and solid waste. As for the future, we have to bring our technologically intense civilization into balance with the natural cycles that give life to this beautiful and delicate planet. Among the difficult problems before us, that of solid waste is one of the easiest to solve. The solid wastes can be recycled. In my topic, I am describing about Paper Recycling, History of paper Recycling, Process involved in recycling, Making up of Recycled Pulp, Advantages and Disadvantages of Recycling. The availability of landfill space continuous to decrease significantly, while the total current of waste generated in the world is still rising. Environmental problems due to waste is on the rise and if not tackled it will become hazardous to the existence of human beings. As paper and paper products are the major contributors of waste stream, recycling of waste paper will be a boost to project and implimentations, involved in tackling environmental pollution.
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help me
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i want more information of it and full report
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How is Paper Recycled?

.pdf   Paper Recycled.pdf (Size: 211.18 KB / Downloads: 59)


Successful recycling requires clean recovered paper, so you must keep your paper free from
contaminants, such as food, plastic, metal, and other trash, which make paper diffi cult to recycle.
Contaminated paper which cannot be recycled must be composted, burned for energy, or landfi lled.
Recycling centers usually ask that you sort your paper by grade, or type of paper. Your local recycling
center can tell you how to sort paper for recycling in your community. To locate your nearest dealer,
look in the yellow pages of your phone book under “waste paper” or “recycling.”

Collection and Transportation

You may take your sorted paper to a local recycling center or recycling bin. Often, a paper stock
dealer or recycling center will collect recovered paper from your home or offi ce. Your local dealer can
tell you the options available in your community.
At the recycling center, the collected paper is wrapped in tight bales and transported to a paper mill,
where it will be recycled into new paper.


Paper mill workers unload the
recovered paper and put it into
warehouses, where it is stored
until needed. The various paper
grades, such as newspapers and
corrugated boxes, are kept separate,
because the paper mill uses
different grades of recovered paper
to make different types of recycled
paper products.
When the paper mill is ready to
use the paper, forklifts move the
paper from the warehouse to large

Re-pulping and Screening

The paper moves by conveyor to a big vat called a pulper, which contains water and chemicals. The
pulper chops the recovered paper into small pieces. Heating the mixture breaks the paper down more
quickly into tiny strands of cellulose (organic plant material) called fi bers. Eventually, the old paper
turns into a mushy mixture called pulp.
The pulp is forced through screens
containing holes and slots of various
shapes and sizes. The screens
remove small contaminants such
as bits of plastic and globs of glue.


Sometimes the pulp must undergo a “pulp laundering” operation called deinking (de-inking) to
remove printing ink and “stickies” (sticky materials like glue residue and adhesives). Papermakers
often use a combination of two deinking processes. Small particles of ink are rinsed from the pulp
with water in a process called washing. Larger particles and stickies are removed with air bubbles in
another process called fl otation.
During fl otation deinking, pulp is
fed into a large vat called a
fl otation cell, where air and soaplike
chemicals call surfactants are
injected into the pulp. The surfactants
cause ink and stickies to
loosen from the pulp and stick to
the air bubbles as they fl oat to the
top of the mixture. The inky air
bubbles create foam or froth which
is removed from the top, leaving
the clean pulp behind.
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to get information about the topic "recycling of papers" FULL REPORT PPT AND RELATED TOPIC refer the link bellow


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