SaaS (Cloud Computing-Software as a Service)
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The Web browser has become the new operating environment for many Applications today. The term "SaaS" has been used to describe a browser-based application that provides a desktop-like environment. However, to limit the term "SaaS" to these applications would not be accurate. The operating system (OS) is merely a medium that allows applications to exist which provide services for the user.

The browser allows the user to access remote information in a viewable/digestible format, much like viewing a local file with any application built-in to the desktop-based OS. When the browser is viewed in this context as "platform," it is easier to recognize the greater concept of "SaaS" and begin to consider the repercussions of this latest shift.

By providing an application online, the user is basically free from the burden of storage space. Also the users can access the file from any system only provided that the system is provided with net “ ie the file sharing can be easily maintained in this system.


¢ User Management Module.
¢ Application Management Module.
¢ Service Management Module
¢ Storage Management Module


Administrator have all the power to made any changes to the system. If the system needs any modification, improvement of performance, addition of applications and services all are done by the admin. Maintaining administrator, user and guest accounts

A guest user can also use our website without requiring a username and password. But we are only providing limited accessories to a guest user. He canâ„¢t use the applications specified in our application.

The registered user has the access right to use the complete applications and services specified in our website. The registration module is like a registration form.We also provide a registered user the option for storing the works performed by him in a database.


Our project and implimentation "SaaS" is basically aimed at applications that can be made online “ as a complete relief to the existing windows applications. All the applications specified in this phase can be performed online without the privilege of an operating system and also can be saved online which a great application of cloud computing. Application also includes text editer, Dictionary, address book ,browsers for exploring the net, photo gallery , search , email, video audio player , calender etc...


This module is basically aimed for the information purpose for a normal user. The basic informationâ„¢s which are very essential in our day to day life is listed in this service management module. The major services listed in our website are :

* Educational Institutions
* Hospitals and Ambulance
* Tourism
* K.S.R.T.C
* Railways
* Airways


This section deals about the internal storing of our website. The various documents have to save in a database for the effective retrieval of data. We provide each and every user the option to save their documents separately in the online database retrieved specifically by means of a unique username and password.

Software Requirements

Front End : JDK 1.6
: J2EE
: HTML,Javascript
Browser : Internet Explorer, Firefox , Netscape ,Navigator, Chrome
Back end : My SQL
Operating System : Windows, Linux

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.ppt   IntroToCloudComputing.ppt (Size: 2.85 MB / Downloads: 90)
Cloud Computing – An overview

Research Consultant, IIIT Hyderabad
Vasudev Verma
Associated Professor, IIIT Hyderabad

cloud computing terms
Term cloud is used as a metaphor for internet
Concept generally incorporates combinations of the following
Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
Platform as a service (PaaS)
Software as a service(SaaS)
Not to be confused with
Grid Computing – a form of distributed computing
Cluster of loosely coupled, networked computers acting in concert to perform very large tasks
Utility Computing – packaging of computing resources such as computing power, storage, also a metered services
Autonomic computing – self managed
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Hi.... can u give me some simple web applications that can be deployed on google app engine as a SAAS?
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you can make a trial on railway reservation system using saas on google app engine
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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.ppt   saas_and_cloud_computing.ppt (Size: 1.61 MB / Downloads: 121)
An Introduction to SaaS and Cloud Computing
The challenge
Add new services for your users quickly and cost effectively
What is the cloud?
IT as a service
Cloud allows access to services without user technical knowledge or control of supporting infrastructure
Best described in terms of what happened to mechanical power over 100 yrs ago
Now computers are simple devices connected to the larger cloud
Data processing, storage and software applications that used to run locally are now being supplied by big central computing stations. They're becoming, in essence, computing utilities.
The hype
Software delivery model
Increasingly popular with SMEs
No hardware or software to manage
Service delivered through a browser
Pay per use
Instant Scalability
Financial Planning
Human Resources
Word processing
Commercial Services:
Platform delivery model
Platforms are built upon Infrastructure, which is expensive
Estimating demand is not a science!
Platform management is not fun!
Popular services
Pay per use
Instant Scalability
Google App Engine
Computer infrastructure delivery model
Access to infrastructure stack:
Full OS access
Load balancing
Pay per use
Instant Scalability
Common Factors
Pay per use
Instant Scalability
Lower cost of ownership

Reduce infrastructure management responsibility
Allow for unexpected resource loads
Faster application rollout
Cloud Economics

Virtualisation lowers costs by increasing utilisation
Economies of scale afforded by technology
Automated update policy
Examples of usage
Your current CRM package is not managing the load or you simply don’t want to host it in-house….use a SaaS provider such as
Your email is hosted on an exchange server in your office and it is very slow…outsource this using Hosted Exchange.
You need to host a large file (5Mb) on your website and make it available for 35,000 users for only two months duration. Use Cloud Front from Amazon.
You want to start storage services on your network for a large number of files and you do not have the storage capacity…use Amazon S3.
You want to run a batch job but you don’t have the infrastructure necessary to run it in a timely manner. Use Amazon EC2.
You want to host a website, but only for a few days. Use Flexiscale.
Network Design
Management Node
Various scan arrays
Cloud burst
Administration (ARACNE)
Hosted in the Databan x facility in Newcastle
Over £250,000 invested
Redundant hardware
Our scan arrays
Each scan array contains 9 servers
Each array can scan over 1m emails a day at 20% utilisation
New scan array in 5 minutes
Cost of $0.90 per hour
Use only when your network needs a burst of capacity.
Why Cloud Computing?
Pay per use
Instant Scalability

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