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12-01-2011, 04:34 PM

.doc   report new.doc (Size: 990 KB / Downloads: 455)

Submitted in Partial fulfillment of requirement for
the award of B.Tech degree


The 8051 is one of the most popular microcontrollers in use today. Many derivative microcontrollers have since been developed that are based on—and compatible with--the 8051. Thus, the ability to program an 8051 is an important skill for anyone who plans to develop products that will take advantage of microcontrollers.

The following report contains the information about the work carried by us during our summer training of year 2010 at CDAC,mohali. This report has been sub divided into six chapters.

First chapter gives the introduction and overview of 8051. It also includes the members of 8051 family and their comparison.

Second chapter consists comparison between microcontroller and microprocessor.It also includes description of microcontroller architecture,pin description and memory organization.

Third chapter discusses the basic connections of 8051microcontroller i.e power supply.reset circuit and clock generation circuit.

Forth chapter consists of instruction set of 8051 microcontroller,its parts,
instructions (arithmetic instructions,logical instructions,logical operations on bits ) and description of all instructions.

Fifth chapter includes programming language assembler,its introduction and elements of programming language.

Sixth chapter discusses the basic hardware interfacing. It consists of LED interfacing,LCD interfacing and seven segment display.


Technology changes drastically within the counts of time and it have become vicissitude of life. To survive in the air of cutthroat competition, one needs to be fully cognizant with the changing trends of the technology, the needs of the clients and the employers, in brief, with almost all the aspects o f the industry. There is great demand for system designing engineers working on the embedded systems. This demand is going to rise further in the coming years. Other factor favorable for this is the incursion of foreign especially American companies in India. CDAC is a company of qualified & committed professionals who are working with a vision of developing technical excellence in young engineers and technocrats
CDAC is a company of qualified & committed professionals who are working with a vision of developing technical excellence in young engineers and technocrats. India is a powerhouse of technical workforce and has acquired a lead in providing technical manpower worldwide. However, to become competent enough for global technical challenges, our engineers need to develop experience of real project and implimentations and products. At CDAC we help people develop sharp technical skills and professional attitude to stay ahead even in the most challenging circumstances.
I. CDAC is delivering quality products and services in Embedded Systems, networking,VLSI designing.
II. The company provides future technocrats with initial platform to learn , implement and discover. CDAC aims at providing our trainees maximum exposure to industry and its trend.

CDAC has a range of products in microcontroller training kits, VLSI kits, experimental kits for college laboratories. Test & measurement instruments and data acquisition hardware. We design & develop customized hardware for our clients for their industrial and scientific applications. They specialize in-
a) Embedded training kits
b) VLSI training kits
c) Lab instruments
d) Customized products

Microcontrollers are widely used in Embedded Systems products. An embedded product uses the microprocessor or microcontroller to do one task only. A printer is an example of embedded system since the processor inside it performs one task only namely getting the data and printing it .Contrast this with Pentium based PC. A PC can be used for any number of applications such as word processor, print server, bank teller terminal, videogame player; network server or internet terminal. Software for variety of applications can be loaded and run.
Of course the reason a PC can perform multiple tasks is that it has RAM memory and an operating system that loads the application software into RAM and lets the CPU run it. In an embedded system there is only one application software that is typically burn into ROM. An x86 PC contains or is connected to various embedded products such as keyboard, printer, modem, disk controller, sound card, CD-ROM driver, mouse And so on. Each of these peripherals has a microcontroller inside it that performs only one task. For example inside every mouse there is microcontroller to perform a task of finding the mouse position and sending it to PC.
Although microcontrollers are preferred choice for embedded systems, there are times that a microcontroller is inadequate for the task. For this reason in recent years many manufacturers of general purpose microprocessors such as INTEL, Motorola and Cyrix push their x86 processor for both the embedded and desktop PC market. Motorola is determined to keep the 68000 families alive by targeting it mainly for high end of embedded system.
One of the most critical needs of the embedded systems is to decrease power consumption and space. This can be achieved by integrating more functions into the CPU chips. All the embedded processor based on the x86 and 680x0 have low power consumption in addition to some forms of I/O, Com port and ROM all on a single chip .In high performance embedded system the trend is to integrate more and more function on the CPU chip and let the designer decide which feature he/she wants to use

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19-09-2011, 01:05 PM

please send me a training report on microcontroller on email id
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20-09-2011, 09:49 AM

To get more information about the topic "TRAINING REPORT ON MICROCONTROLLERS " please refer the link below
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06-12-2011, 06:11 PM

having problems to download this
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07-12-2011, 09:39 AM

To get more information about the topic "TRAINING REPORT ON MICROCONTROLLERS " please refer the link below
seminar paper
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30-03-2012, 04:22 PM


.doc   Embedded-Systems-training-report.doc (Size: 744.5 KB / Downloads: 33)

Circumstances that we find ourselves in today in the field of microcontrollers had their beginnings in the development of technology of integrated circuits. This development has made it possible to store hundreds of thousands of transistors into one chip. That was a prerequisite for production of microprocessors, and the first computers were made by adding external peripherals such as memory, input-output lines, timers and other. Further increasing of the volume of the package resulted in creation of integrated circuits. These integrated circuits contained both processor and peripherals. That is how the first chip containing a microcomputer, or what would later be known as a microcontroller came about.
Definition of a Microcontroller

Microcontroller, as the name suggests, are small controllers. They are like single chip computers that are often embedded into other systems to function as processing/controlling unit. For example, the remote control you are using probably has microcontrollers inside that do decoding and other controlling functions. They are also used in automobiles, washing machines, microwave ovens, toys ... etc, where automation is needed.


The 8051 has a bank of 128 bytes of Internal RAM. This Internal RAM is found on-chip on the 8051 so it is the fastest RAM available, and it is also the most flexible in terms of reading, writing, and modifying its contents. Internal RAM is volatile, so when the 8051 is reset this memory is cleared. The 128 bytes of internal ram is subdivided as shown on the memory map. The first 8 bytes (00h - 07h) are "register bank 0".

Register Banks :
The 8051 uses 8 "R" registers which are used in many of its instructions. These "R" registers are numbered from 0 through 7 (R0, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, and R7).These registers are generally used to assist in manipulating values and moving data from one memory location to another. The concept of register banks adds a great level of flexibility to the 8051.

Bit Memory:
The 8051, being a communication oriented microcontroller, gives the user the ability to access a number of bit variables. These variables may be either 1 or 0. There are 128 bit variables available to the user, numbered 00h through 7Fh. The user may make use of these variables with commands such as SETB and CLR. It is important to note that Bit Memory is really a part of Internal RAM. In fact, the 128 bit variables occupy the 16 bytes of Internal RAM from 20h through 2Fh.

Special Function Register (SFR) Memory:
Special Function Registers (SFRs) are areas of memory that control specific functionality of the 8051 processor. For example, four SFRs permit access to the 8051’s 32 input/output lines. Another SFR allows a program to read or write to the 8051’s serial port .SFR is a part of Internal Memory. This is not the case.

Important Note..!

If you are not satisfied with above reply ,..Please


So that we will collect data for you and will made reply to the request....OR try below "QUICK REPLY" box to add a reply to this page
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