Traffic Light Control System
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A variable power supply technique for use with a high efficiency line driver uses a signal peak amplitude to determine a start of a rise time for a power supply to begin supplying operating voltage to the line driver. This ensures that the voltage supplied to the line driver essentially tracks the output signal.

A slew start delay circuit detects when the signal rises above a level that can be supported by a current power supply, and determines a variable delay for switching on a power supply to supply a higher voltage to the line driver. The advantages include reduced power usage, less heat dissipation, and the ability to select a primary power supply that outputs a lower voltage.
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.pdf   ENERGY SAVING LIGHTING CONTROLS.pdf (Size: 366.72 KB / Downloads: 290)


Energy used for lighting.
1.Lighting is a major source of electricity consumption.
3.19% of global electricity generation is taken for lighting
• This 19% is > production of all hydro or nuclear stations.
• This 19% is = the production from natural gas.
---said Paul Waide, a senior policy analyst with the IEA

The emission equivalent
The carbon dioxide produced by generating this 19% electricity
•Is about 70% of global emissions from passenger vehicles,
•Is about 3 times the emissions from aviation, the IEA says

Ways to reduce the lighting load

1. Switching over to more efficient light sources like CFL, LED etc..
3. By eliminating wastages in the use of lighting.
An ever valid proposition …………….
Switch OFF the lights when not needed
Understand the illumination needs … reduce excess light

Manual vs. Automatic switching
Manual control is prone to errors and leads to energy wastages.
Manually switching public lights involves drudgery and also costs labor.
Manually dimming during mid night is impracticable.
Dynamically tracking the light level is manually impracticable.
Automation is a one time capital cost giving a lasting solution.

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please send me asm code for the project and implimentation intelligent traffic light control using ir sensors and at89c51 microcontrollerSmile[/size][/font]
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Presented By
Pramod Krishnani
Dongun Sul
Chima Anyanwu

.pdf   Automatic Traffic Light Control System.pdf (Size: 254.82 KB / Downloads: 523)

Traffic congestion is a severe problem in many modern cities around the world. Traffic congestion has been causing many critical problems and challenges in the major and most populated cities. To travel to different places within the city is becoming more difficult for the travelers in traffic. Due to these congestion problems, people lose time, miss opportunities, and get frustrated. Traffic congestion directly impacts the companies. Due to traffic congestions there is a loss in productivity from workers, trade opportunities are lost, delivery gets delayed, and thereby the costs goes on increasing. To solve these congestion problems, we have to build new facilities and infrastructure but at the same time make it smart. The only disadvantage of making new roads on facilities is that it makes the surroundings more congested. So for that reason we need to change the system rather than making new infrastructure twice. Therefore many countries are working to manage their existing transportation systems to improve mobility, safety and traffic flows in order to reduce the demand of vehicle use. By enhancing public transport, route guidance systems, traffic signal improvements, and incident management, congestion can be improved greatly from the statistical analysis of US department of transportation in 2007, it has been found that half of the congestion caused is due to the recurring congestion. Due to recurring congestion, the roads have been used repeatedly when they were not supposed to be used twice. These congestion problems are recurring congestion problems are caused due to poor guidance of travelers. The other half of the congestions are due to the non-recurring congestions which are due to traffic incidents, work zones, weather on special events. Non-recurring events dramatically reduce available capacity and reliability of the entire transportation system. The researches done on these goals would be started by stating about the simulation model created by Schaefer, Upcburch and Asbur (1998) which evaluated the freeway lane control signing. The simulation showed that lane control had some influence that lane control had some influence on congestion. Chen and Yang (2000) have created an algorithm to find a minimum total time path to simulate the operations of traffic light control in a city. After them, many researchers worked on these problems and ultimately Wen and Yang (2006) developed a dynamic and automatic traffic light control system for solving the road congestion problem.
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hi., can you please send me the ASM and embedded C coding for the intellingent traffice control for AT89c51. please..send to
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to get information about the topic traffic light controller full report ,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow

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Traffic light control system

.pptx   Traffic light control.pptx (Size: 267.42 KB / Downloads: 23)

The normal function of traffic lights requires sophisticated contraband coordination to ensure that traffic moves as smoothly and safely as possible and that pedestrians are protected when they cross the roads.
A variety of different control systems are used to accomplish this, ranging from simple clockwork mechanisms to sophisticated computerized control and coordination systems that self-adjust to minimize delay to people using the road.
Traffic congestion has become problem not only in town but also in housing area and sub urban. This problem is due to rapid increase in number of vehicles.
The objective of this project and implimentation is to develop a traffic light system based on a real traffic light. This system is designed to control or make sure the smoothness of traffic during the peak hours

Traffic light controller

This model using plc as a controller.
The dc power supply is responsible to give input signal to plc.
The presence of vehicle during traffic jam will be sense by switch.

How it operates ?

Every lane and traffic light signals have been labeled with A,B,C and D to separate each lane and traffic light.
Each traffic light lane has their set of traffic signals red, green and yellow.
It changes from red to green
And then yellow after that back to red signal.


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