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project topics
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12-04-2010, 11:21 AM

.ppt   WIRELESS ELECTRIC SYSTEM.ppt (Size: 432 KB / Downloads: 2,874)


Presented By:

4TH Year B.Tech EEE 2ND Sem


The term wireless transmission stands for interchange of power, electricity, data or any other type of information.
According to the electrical point of view, transmission lines are used for transmitting power supply.
But there is a major risk of electrical hazards like short circuits, power failure, & breakdown of transmission lines.
So, we have suggested an innovative idea to overcome all these electrical hazards.
For this, we have used microwaves .

we are very familiar to microwave ovens.
We have implemented the principle of microwave ovens for our receivers & transmitters.
Microwaves have wavelengths approximately in the range of 30 cms (freq= 1 GHz ) to 1 mm (freq= 300 GHz ).
The term microwaves generally refers to A.C. signals with frequencies between 300 MHz & 300 GHz.
The microwave range includes ultra high frequencies ( 0.3-3 GHz ), super high frequencies (3-30 GHz ), & extremely high frequencies (30-300 GHz ) signals.
We have used these microwaves for our wireless transmission.

Here, the power (electricity) generated at sub-station goes to the transmitter, which works like the principle of microwave oven
This transmitter converts the electricity into microwaves & transmit them to our service towers
When these transmitted waves reach at the desired tower, (HOME TOWER), the receiver of home tower receives these microwaves & converts them into electricity.The electricity is utilized for our home appliances.

MICROWAVE POWER TRANSMISION ( MPT ) method is the use of microwaves to transmit power through outer space or the atmosphere without the need for wires.
In 1964, William C. Brown demonstrated a miniature helicopter equipped with a combination antenna & rectifier called as rectenna.
The rectenna converted microwave power into electricity , allowing the helicopter to fly.
In principle, rectenna is capable for very high conversion efficiencies“ over 90% in optimal circumstances.
Most proposed MPT systems includes a phased array microwave transmitter.
They have advantage of being electrically steered and easier to scale the necessary levels that a practical MPT system requires.
Wireless switching
Now further we can use the microwaves received by our home tower for wireless switching also
By using wireless switching, we can make the whole transmission wireless....from sub-station to our home appliances.
There is no need of electrical wires to control our electric home appliances like fans, tube lights, washing machines etc¦
How wireless switching works ?
for wireless switching, we use a TRANSCIEVER, a combo of transmitter & receiver, in our home tower.
This receives & transmits the microwaves directly to the transceiver of our hand held remote control.
Now we can control our home appliances by operating this hand-held remote control
Now the microwaves transmitted by this remote control are received by the receiver of our home appliance.
And thus, we can control our home appliances wirelessly.


Here we can use microwaves having frequency of 4 to 8 GHz , which is very well known as the C-band of microwave spectrum.
By using this frequency, the microwaves at our service tower can cover the area of approximately 4 to5 Kms.
So, here we can put our service towers at large distance & we can transmit power with less power loss compare to other transmission methods.
And microwave have efficiency over 90% as proven by the researches held at Reunion islands, Indian Oceans.
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06-06-2010, 09:08 PM

pls send me pdf file
avipsa lall
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25-07-2010, 07:52 AM

pls mail me the future expansion of wireless electrical power transmission
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25-07-2010, 11:39 PM

sir plz forward this seminar and presentation topics
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27-07-2010, 05:32 PM

can u provide me with the circuit diagram for wirelsee electricity tx and wireless electricity rx

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29-07-2010, 10:56 AM

please send me the circuit details regarding wireless transmission
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02-08-2010, 07:47 AM

please send pdf file to me
vidhya subramani
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02-08-2010, 07:14 PM

could you pls send me the details about how the microwaves of higher frequency are used for power transmission .............. pls send the details to vinu.vidhya7@gmail.com
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to get information about the topic WIRELESS ELECTRIC SYSTEM fullreport,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow[/align]






http://topicideas.org/how-to-4g-wireless...ll-seminar and presentation-report-download



http://topicideas.org/how-to-4g-wireless...ll-seminar and presentation-report-download?page=13

http://topicideas.org/how-to-4g-wireless...ll-seminar and presentation-report-download?page=11

http://topicideas.org/how-to-4g-wireless...ll-seminar and presentation-report-download?page=16

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raja sethu
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automatic auditrium fan and light control
seminar surveyer
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.ppt   wireless electricity ].ppt (Size: 1.75 MB / Downloads: 352)

Rocio Aguilera,Jenine Bluett,Jon Alcala,Lawrence Cushion,Monica Borowiak,
Jacalyn Kastigar,Heather Madsen,Justin Kuryliw,Jeremy Peterson, John Morse,Kristina Polidoro,Joseph Nowacki,Crystal Snow & Fadima Sidibe

What Is Wireless Electricity?

Produce power without the use of wires or cords – just like a power outlet
Place your electronic device that you want to charge in a specific room or on a surface to charge it wirelessly
WiTricity - short for wireless electricity
Key: Resonance
Ex. Glass shatters from sound that hits a certain pitch
Resonant frequencies must match (sound glass makes to pitch of sound hitting the glass)
When resonant frequencies match, glass will absorb sound and crack

Magnetic Induction (from Answers.com)
The production of an electromotive force through:
Motion of a conductor through a magnetic field so as to cut across the magnetic flux
By a change in the magnetic flux that threads a conductor
Magnetic induction + 2 identical copper cords that resonate at the same frequency = MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Scientists making WiTricity
Powered 60-watt light bulb from power source 7ft away

A Little History

Faraday: Discovers electromagnetic induction builds first power generator in 1831.
Marconi, Tesla: Send first wireless messages in 1895.
Tesla: experiments with wireless power 1899
Motorola: introduces handheld mobile phone in 1973.
Sonicare: Introduced the first charge electric toothbrush in 1983.
PowerCast: Reintroduce wireless power in transmitter and in receiver technology in 2003

Less accidents and instances of electrocution
Convenient to consumers who use products that can be charged through WiTricity
Could eliminate the need for an inefficient, costly, and capital intensive grid of cables, towers and substations
Gateway to other breakthrough technological advances
Eliminate mess of cords and power strips used to charge products
Your home would keep your gadgets constantly powered up
Could eliminate batteries
Magnetic fields have little affect on biological organisms – but still needs more testing


Products we use on the go would still need batteries
Could be like Wi-Fi: free in some places and fees in others
Electrical pollution
Associated with illnesses such as, cardiac problems, learning disabilities, mood disorders, and fatigue
Electromagnetic radiation
Associated with childhood and adult leukemia, breast cancer, clinical depression, and miscarriage
Uncertain affect on medical equipment, such as heart regulators
Another way for confidential personal information to be abused
Objects could absorb radiation unintentionally
Efficiency varies by distance (40-90%)

How Is This Technology Being Used?

Introduced wireless holiday lights at the end of 2007
Leader in the industry
Signed nondisclosure agreements to develop products with more than 100 companies
Companies include manufacturers of:
Cell phones, MP3 players, automotive parts, temperature sensors, hearing aids and medical implants
WildCharge: a Colorado-based company
Released a special back plate for the Motorola RAZR
Enables the phone's battery to receive power from a charged mat
Plans to introduce similar adapters for the iPod Nano and Blackberry

Bosch and eCoupled
Created a vehicle with wireless energy flowing throughout
It can:
Recharge power tools placed on a charging shelf
Recognize and recharge cell phones and PDAs placed in holding bins
Fulton Innovation: US company
Working with Visteon, a car parts manufacturer
Possible product that will recharge a phone when it’s placed into a vehicle's cup holder
Probably won’t be widely seen until 2009 – at the earliest
Many experiments still needed
Health effects?
Finalization of invention

US Department of Defense is funding research
Hopes soldiers will be able to recharge batteries automatically
MIT is talking with companies interested in commercializing the technology
Has attracted the attention of consumer-electronics companies and the auto industry
Overall hopes to wirelessly recharge electronic products in any area through this new technology
Health-related products
Consumer electronics



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25-01-2011, 11:31 AM

please send information about this
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06-02-2011, 10:55 AM

hi thia is a report on wireless power
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07-02-2011, 03:18 PM

pls send the full report of wirwless electric system
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08-02-2011, 12:54 PM

plz send me the documentation and abstract of wireless electric system

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