adaptive missile guidance using gps
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21-02-2010, 05:35 PM

hi can any one help me in deep details about diz topic
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18-03-2010, 06:52 PM

visit these threads for more details:
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.pdf   ADAPTIVE MISSILE GUIDANCE.pdf (Size: 495.52 KB / Downloads: 157)

In the modern day theatre of combat, the need to be able to strike at targets that
are on the opposite side of the globe has strongly presented itself. This had led to the
development of various types of guided missiles. These guided missiles are self -guiding weapons
intended to maximize damage to the target while minimizing collateral damage. The buzzword in
modern day combat is fire and forget. GPS guided missiles, using the exceptional navigational
and surveying abilities of GPS, after being launched, could deliver a warhead to any part of the
globe via the interface pof the onboard computer in the missile with the GPS satellite system.
Under this principle many modern day laser weapons were designed. Laser
guided missiles use a laser of a certain frequency bandwidth to acquire their target. GPS/inertial
weapons are oblivious to the effects of weather, allowing a target to be engaged at the time of the
attacker's choosing. GPS allows accurate targeting of various military weapons including
ICBMs, cruise missiles and precision-guided munitions. Artillery project and implimentationiles with embedded
GPS receivers able to withstand accelerations of 12,000 G have been developed for use in 155
mm. GPS signals can also be affected by multipath issues, where the radio signals reflect off
surrounding terrain; buildings, canyon walls, hard ground , etc.


What is meant by GPS ?

GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System, is the only system today able to show us our
exact position on the Earth anytime, in any weather, anywhere. GPS satellites, 24 in all, orbit at
11,000 nautical miles above the Earth. Ground stations located worldwide continuously monitor
them. The satellites transmit signals that can be detected by anyone with a GPS receiver. Using
the receiver, you can determine your location with great precision.

Elements of GPS :

GPS has three parts: the space segment, the user segment, and the control segment. The space
segment consists of a constellation of 24 satellites plus some spares, each in its own orbit 11,000
nautical miles above Earth. The user segment consists of receivers, which we can hold in our
hand or mount in a vehicle. The control segment consist, of ground stations that make sure the
satellites are working properly.

.Working of DGPS :

1.) Technique called differential correction can yield accuracies within 1 -5 meters, or even
better, with advanced equipment.
2.) Differential correction requires a second GPS receiver, a base station, collecting data at a
stationary position on a precisely known point (typically it is a surveyed benchmark).
3.) Because physical location of base station is known, a correction factor can be computed by
comparing known location with GPS location determined by using satellites.
4.) Differential correction process takes this correction factor and applies it to GPS data
collected by the GPS receiver in the field. -- Differential correction eliminates most of errors.


Satellite guided weapons :

The problem of poor visibility does not affect satellite-guided
weapons such as JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munitions) , which uses satellite navigation
systems, specifically the GPS system. This offers improved accuracy compared to laser systems,
and can operate in all weather conditions, without any need for ground support. Because it is
possible to jam GPS, the bomb reverts to inertial navigation in the event of losing the GPS
signal. Inertial navigation is significantly less accurate; JDAM achieves a CEP of 13 m under
GPS guidance, but typically only 30 m under inertial guidance. Further, the inertial guidance
CEP increases as the dropping altitude increases, while the GPS CEP does not.The precision of
these weapons is dependent both on the precision of the measurement system used for location
determination and the precision in setting the coordinates of the target. The latter critically
depends on intelligence information, not all of which is accurate. However, if the targeting
information is accurate, satellite-guided weapons are significantly more likely to achieve a
successful strike in any given weather conditions than any other type of precision guided


The central idea behind the design of DGPS/GPS/inertial guided weapons is that of using a 3-
axis gyro/accelerometer package as an inertial reference for the weapon's autopilot, and
correcting the accumulated drift error in the inertial package by using GPS PPS/P-code. Such
weapons are designated as "accurate" munitions as they will offer CEPs (Circular Error
Probable) of the order of the accuracy of GPS P -code signals, typically about 40ft.
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02-10-2012, 11:10 AM

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