encryption decryption full report
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.pptx   encrption decryption.pptx (Size: 118.74 KB / Downloads: 517)


Submitted By :
Chandan Gautam
(CSE ËœAâ„¢)

Guided By:
L Ramalingam ,Sr. Lecturer
Department of Computer Science Engineering

Cryptography is the science of writing messages in secret codes .
Cryptography, a word with Greek origins ,means SECRET WRITING.
Cryptography components :

Plaintext : It is original message ,before being transformed .The data are not encrypted.
Ciphertext : After the message is transformed . The data are encrypted.
Alice : Alice is the person who needs to send secure data.
Bob : Bob is the recipient of the data.
Eve : Eve is the person who somehow disturbs the communication between Alice and Bob.

Information is often stored and transmitted in a file.
Encryption algorithm transforms the plain text into cipher text.
A plain text file uses a common encoding format such as ASCII or UNICODE to represent the character of file.
Encryption is a translation of a file into a format that hides the content from EVE ;secret code;ciphertext.

After sending the information by ALICE , BOB receive the information and decrypt the data.
A decryption algorithm transforms the ciphertext back into plaintext.
For decrypting the data receiver uses three types of key :
Secret key
Public key
Private key

Two categories :

Symmetric key cryptography
Asymmetric key cryptography

In symmetric key cryptography,the same key is used by the sender(for Encryption) and the receiver(for Decryption) .
In case of symmetric key,the key is shared.

In asymmetric key cryptography,two types of key is used :


DES encrypts and decrypts at the bit level.
The plaintext are broken into segments of 64 bits.
Each section is encrypted using a 56-bit key. (Fig. 16.3)
Every bit of ciphertext depends on every bit of plaintext and the key.
It is very difficult to guess the bits of plaintext from the bits of ciphertext.
Uses of Encryption & Decryption :
Privacy & Secruty : E-mail message,Wireless network
Confidentiality Tongueersonal records,Transaction records .
Authentication : Digital signatures,Login.
Intellectual Property : Copy protection
Advantage & Disadvantage
Individuals can post their public key on their Web site.
The number of the keys is only twice of the number of user.
The complexity of the algorithm: calculating the ciphertext from plaintext using the long keys takes a lot of time
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plz send me encryption decryption full report.
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06-10-2010, 04:33 AM

Thanks for this. please i'll need a seminar and presentation on xml encryption. The one on the other thread refused to open on my system after i completed the downloads.
Please can you be kind to send a new copy of it to my e-mail. centjay4real@yahoo.com
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to get infomation about the topic "encryption and decryption program" full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow



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can i get the encryption and decryption source code in java with complete explanation..
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To get full information or details of encryption decryption please have a look on the pages


http://seminar and presentationproject and implimentations.com/showthread.php?mode=linear&tid=49972



if you again feel trouble on encryption decryption please reply in that page and ask specific fields in encryption decryption
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plz sent seminar report on the topic of encryption and decryption to my mail shaliniforsmile@gmail.com
seminar project topic
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To get full information or details of encryption decryption please have a look on the pages



if you again feel trouble on encryption decryption please reply in that page and ask specific fields in encryption decryption

Important Note..!

If you are not satisfied with above reply ,..Please


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