engineering electronics project and implimentation
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1. Automatic Railway Bridge
3. Speed Checker For Highways
4. Automatic School Bell
5. Pacemaker Demonstration -Non-Microcontroller Based
6. Drinking Water alarm
7. Night Alert
8. DTMF Based Project
9. Mobile control electrical appliances with password security with acknowledgement options
10. Parallel telephone with Secrecy
11. Automation of reciprocating gas engine compressor packages using programmable logic
12. Burglar Alarm
13. Short-Circuit Protection in DC Low-Voltage Systems
14. Off-Line Telephone Tester
17. Intelligent Robotic tank
18. Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter
19. Microcontroller based line follower robot
20. Wireless Based Electrical Device Control.(IR or RF)
22. Speed Control of DC Motor Using Pulse-Width Modulation
23. Crane Operating Robot through PC
24. Design and performance evaluation of multi-rate digital filters
25. Implementation of GMSK modem
27. Traffic Baton
28. Liquid Level Alarm
29. Automatic Dual-Output Display
30. Metro Train Prototype
31. Automatic Room Light Controller
32. Microcontroller based Ultrasonic distance meter
33. Computer Controlled OFC based remote control foot climbing robot
34. Camera (Sdc) Design (Corrected)
36. PIC microcontroller based flow controller using propeller technique
37. PIC microcontroller based power electronic load control using SCR
38. -Way Remote Control
39. Solar Tracing System
40. Electrical Equipments Controlling Using Pc
41. Sensors And Light Dependent Resistor
42. Single Phase Electronic Starter
43. GSM control robotic arm*
45. Implementation of A-law (Mat lab).
46. PWM Based Single Phase Induction Motor Speed Control In Closed Loop
47. Precision Attenuator With Digital Control
48. Microcontroller Based Fuel Injection System for Automobiles
49. Microcontroller based industrial light brightness control
50. Wheeler Theft Control Industrial Protection System Using Temperature, Smoke
51. Programmable LED Indicator
52. Watch Dog for Telephones
53. Digital switching system
54. Bank token displayer
55. Digital Audio/Video Input Selector
56. Gsm based robot control
57. Audio Amplifier for Personal Stereo
58. Embedded security system (key pad & LCD).
59. Noise cancellation of Speech/audio using adaptive equalizers
60. RF Controlled Home Appliances
61. Peer to peer multimedia transmission. ©
62. Lead-Acid Battery Charger With Voltage Analyser
63. Digital Energy Meter
64. Automatic Railway Crossing With Collision Avoidance
65. Auto Target System
66. Light sensing Robot
67. Colour Reflectance Measurement (Solids)
68. Embedded based Electronic Voting Machine
69. Voltage-Based Controller For Switches
70. Dtmf based door lock
71. Blown Fuse Indicator
72. Development of video display processor on FPGA
73. Light Sensitive Inductive Load Controller
74. Data Acquisition System Using VB Front End as Data Logger.
75. Automatic Light Controller Using 7806
76. Friendly Charger for Mobile Phones
77. G.P.S. Receiver
78. High & Low Voltage cutout
79. VLSI Architecture and FPGA Prototyping of a Digital Camera for Image
80. control of injection molding machinery
81. Auto Power Window System For Cars
82. Tester For Remote Control
83. Digital Timer Enhancement
84. Variable Power Supply Using a Fixed-Voltage Regulator IC
85. Smart Foot Switch
86. Automatic Light Lamp with Morning Alarm
87. Electric Window Fence Charger
88. Highway Alert Signal Lamp
89. Non-Contact Power Monitor
90. Led Voltmeter For Car Battery
91. Single Sideband modulation via HILBERT TRANSFORM
92. microcontroller based electronic voting machine
93. Computerized Wireless Time Bell System Using Microcontroller
94. FPGA based Power Efficient Channelizer for Software defined Radio
95. Automatic Memory Storage Using Microcontroller (When Battery Is Disconnected.)
96. Automated Guided Vehicle
97. Remote Voting using Telephone/Mobile
98. Multi-Switch Doorbell With Indicators
99. Remote Musical Bell
100. Solid State Single Phasing Preventer
101. Aero plane Direction Indicator
102. Automatic Time Manager UpTo Channel
103. Micro Controller based autonomous cleaning robot
104. Miniature strobe light
105. Zigbee Based Wireless Text Message Transer & Display Using PS2 Keyborad
106. Digital system control for Three Degree of Freedom Mechanical Arm with
107. Multiband CW Transmitter
108. Image enhancement using histogram techniques
109. Time Operated Electrical Appliance Controlling System
110. Automatic Light Beam Shifting Of Vehicle’s On High Ways
111. Dc Motor Control PWM Technique
112. VerIfication of Super Positon Trainer Kit
113. Impedance Meter
114. Ground Pentrating Radar
115. Crane Robot
116. Electronic Scoring game
117. Automatic Low-Power Emergency Light
119. Automating the rubber compounding process
120. Mains Operated Christmas Star
121. Home Security And Intruder Detection System
122. Application of programmable logic controllers for pipeline local and remote control
123. Infrared Remote Control Timer
124. microcontroller based tank temperature control & position indication
125. LFSR (Linear Feedback Shift Register)
126. Traffic light with density control
127. Automatic Fuel Management Control System
128. Co2 & O2 Monitoring In Green House
129. Touch Dimmer
130. Microcontroller based Solar charge controller
131. Digital Fuel Meter
132. Mobile irrigation. (Control of any electrical tube well pump with the help of mobile phone with unlimited range)
133. Wireless Robotic Arm
134. Hardware Lock For Software
135. Speller Effect Sign Display
136. Electrical Equipment Control using Voice - Wired
137. Computerised Universal Timer
138. Four-Stage FM Transmitter
139. Data acquisition system using 8051
140. Image Processing Based Laser Mouse Pointer with Equipment Control
141. Automated Traffic Signal Controller
142. Smart Vibration Sensor
144. Computerised Universal Timer
145. Robotics arm for drilling application with PC interface
146. PC Multimedia Speakers
147. Wireless IR Sensor, DTMF Encoder And Fm Technique
148. College Id Card
149. Self-Switching Power Supply
150. Solar Operated Vehicle
151. Teach-In 2002 Lab Work – 5 – Strain Gauge Weighing Machine
152. Monitor and Control of Greenhouse Environment-Green Bee
153. Performance characterization and validation of dual port video SRAM.
154. Voice And Data Communication Via RF In Multiple Rooms
155. Pattern Recognition System
156. Color Detection using Image Processing
157. 1 Hz Master Oscillator
158. microcontroller based plant irrigation system
159. Auto Leveling Robot for Ground Level Applications
160. Implementation of reverse watermarking system
161. Computerized Wirless Road Light Control
162. Image denoising using ROF method.
163. Fluid Flow Measurement (Liquid)
164. Mobile Phone based Device Control
165. Solar Powered Solid State Stepper Motor Controller
166. Pre-Settable Countdown Timer.
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