fingerprint based atm and locker systen for modern secured banks
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05-05-2010, 01:15 PM

i want the presentation about the topic.
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28-10-2010, 04:14 AM

plss give me full details including the circuit description of this project and implimentation..need it urgently.plssSmile
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please send me further details on this project and implimentation
project topics
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.docx   secure banking system.docx (Size: 1.04 MB / Downloads: 312)

According ancient Greek scripts BIOMETRICS means study of life. Biometrics studies commonly include fingerprint, face, iris, voice, signature, and hand geometry recognition and verification. Many other modalities are in various stages of development and assessment. Among these available biometric traits Finger Print proves to be one of the best traits providing good mismatch ratio and also reliable. The present scenario to operate a bank locker is with locks which are having keys. By this we can’t say that we are going to provide good security to our lockers. To provide perfect security and to make our work more easy we are taking the help of two different technologies viz. EMBEDDED SYSTEMS and BIOMETRICS. Firstly discussing about Biometrics we are concentrating on Fingerprint scanning. For this we are using FIM 3030N high voltage module as a scanner. This module has in-built ROM, DSP and RAM. In this we can store up to 100 users fingerprints. This module can operate in 2 modes they are Master mode and User mode. We will be using Master mode to register the fingerprints which will be stored in the ROM present on the scanner with a unique id. When this module is interfaced to the microcontroller, we will be using it in user mode. In this mode we will be verifying the scanned images with the stored images. When coming to our application the images of the persons who are authorized to enter into the locker room will be stored in the module with a unique id. To prove that the persons are authorized to enter that area they need to scan their images. This scanner is interfaced to 8051 microcontroller. By using this controller we will be controlling the scanning process. After the scanning has been completed the person has to enter the unique id which is given to him to open his locker with the help of a keypad. Immediately the locker will be opened. After the work has been completed if a switch is pressed the locker will be closed again. If an unauthorized person tries to scan his image then an indication will be given by a buzzer which is interfaced to the controller. If an authorized person forgets his id he will be given 3 chances to re-enter the id. This project and implimentation uses regulated 5V, 500mA power supply. 7805 three terminal voltage regulator is used for voltage regulation. Bridge type full wave rectifier is used to rectify the ac out put of secondary of 230/12V step down transformer.


The main aim of this project and implimentation to provide secure banking system, by taking fingerprints as authorized identity at ATM/banks.
The purpose of the project and implimentation is to provide a secured and reliable environment to the customers for their banking transactions by providing a unique identity to every user using the FINGER PRINT identification technology.
Here in this project and implimentation we are going provide the at most security since it is taking the FINGER PRINTS as the authentication for our account. So whenever we want to access our account first we have to press the finger on the finger print scanner. Scanner is interfaced to the micro controller with the serial interfacing. The micro controller reads the data from the scanner. The micro controller allows those users, who are authorized to operate the account. If any unauthorized user tries to operate the account the micro controller switches on the security alarm. The total information about the account holders is stored in the EEPROM. Keypad is used to enter the password to operate the account or Locker.
In present days, computer becomes a main part of human beings for storing information. This information is up to some extent is a secured one. For example the details of employees and students etc... The authority person may only change the details. For this protection we are going to provide a PASSWORD for the PCs. This is secure up to some extent only because there may be a chance of revealing the password or sometimes the authorized person may forgot the password. So we have to provide security for PCs with a unique and simple to remember identification. One of such identification is the FINGER PRINT.
Fingerprint Scanner is a device for computer Security featuring superior performance, accuracy, durability based on unique NITGEN Fingerprint Biometric Technology. Fingerprint Scanner can be plugged into a computer separately with your mouse. Fingerprint Scanner is very safe and convenient device for security.

An embedded system is a special-purpose system in which the computer is completely encapsulated by or dedicated to the device or system it controls. Unlike a general-purpose computer, such as a personal computer, an embedded system performs one or a few pre-defined tasks, usually with very specific requirements. Since the system is dedicated to specific tasks, design engineers can optimize it, reducing the size and cost of the product. Embedded systems are often mass-produced, benefiting from economies of scale.
Wireless communication has become an important feature for commercial products and a popular research topic within the last ten years. There are now more mobile phone subscriptions than wired-line subscriptions. Lately, one area of commercial interest has been low-cost, low-power, and short-distance wireless communication used for \personal wireless networks." Technology advancements are providing smaller and more cost effective devices for integrating computational processing, wireless communication, and a host of other functionalities.
These embedded communications devices will be integrated into applications ranging from homeland security to industry automation and monitoring. They will also enable custom tailored engineering solutions, creating a revolutionary way of disseminating and processing information. With new technologies and devices come new business activities, and the need for employees in these technological areas.
Engineers who have knowledge of embedded systems and wireless communications will be in high demand. Unfortunately, there are few adorable environments available for development and classroom use, so students often do not learn about these technologies during hands-on lab exercises. The communication mediums were twisted pair, optical fiber, infrared, and generally wireless radii.

Power Supply
A variable regulated power supply, also called a variable bench power supply, is one where you can continuously adjust the output voltage to your requirements. Varying the output of the power supply is the recommended way to test a project and implimentation after having double checked parts placement against circuit drawings and the parts placement guide. This type of regulation is ideal for having a simple variable bench power supply.
Actually this is quite important because one of the first project and implimentations a hobbyist should undertake is the construction of a variable regulated power supply. While a dedicated supply is quite handy e.g. 5V or 12V, it's much handier to have a variable supply on hand, especially for testing. Most digital logic circuits and processors need a 5 volt power supply.
To use these parts we need to build a regulated 5 volt source. Usually you start with an unregulated power supply ranging from 9 volts to 24 volts DC (A 12 volt power supply is included with the Beginner Kit and the Microcontroller Beginner Kit.). To make a 5 volt power supply, we use a LM7805 voltage regulator IC.
The LM7805 is simple to use. You simply connect the positive lead of your unregulated DC power supply (anything from 9VDC to 24VDC) to the Input pin, connect the negative lead to the Common pin and then when you turn on the power, you get a 5 volt supply from the Output pin.
2.2 Finger Print Scanner:
A fingerprint sensor is an electronic device used to capture a digital image of the fingerprint pattern. The captured image is called a live scan. This live scan is digitally processed to create a biometric template (a collection of extracted features) which is stored and used for matching.
It supports wide range of fingerprint sensor interoperability giving you a freedom to select suitable sensor that most fits to your application. Furthermore, the fingerprint data for enrollment and verification are compatible among different sensors, even if they are based on different technologies. This feature of unification presents application manufacturers and system integrators with much more flexibility than ever before.
2.3 Max- 232:
To allow compatibility among data communication equipment made by various manufactures, and interfacing standard called RS232 was set by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA).This RS-232 standard is used in PCs and numerous types of equipment .However, since the standard was set long before the advent of the TTL logic family, its input and output voltage levels are not TTL compatible. In RS-232 ,a 1 is represented by -3 to -25V,while a 0 bit is +3 to +25V,making -3 to +3 undefined. For this reason, to connect any RS-232 to a microcontroller system we must use voltage converters such as MAX232 to convert the TTL logic levels to the RS-232 voltage levels and vice versa. So here we are using this MAX-232 to have compatibility between the Finger Print Scanner and microcontroller.
2.4 Microcontroller:
A Micro controller consists of a powerful CPU tightly coupled with memory RAM, ROM or EPROM), various I / O features such as Serial ports, Parallel Ports, Timer/Counters, Interrupt Controller, Data Acquisition interfaces-Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), Digital to Analog Converter (ADC), everything integrated onto a single Silicon Chip.
It does not mean that any micro controller should have all the above said features on chip, Depending on the need and area of application for which it is designed, The ON-CHIP features present in it may or may not include all the individual section said above.
Any microcomputer system requires memory to store a sequence of instructions making up a program, parallel port or serial port for communicating with an external system, timer / counter for control purposes like generating time delays, Baud rate for the serial port, apart from the controlling unit called the Central Processing Unit
2.5 Keypad:
In this project and implimentation we are using two types of keypads, one is the matrix keypad and the other is the normal key for selecting the mode of operation. Here we are doing all the transactions regarding bank like deposit, withdraw, etc. for this transactions and for entering the password we are using the 4X4 Matrix keypad. Using the normal keypad we are going to select the mode which we are going to perform.
2.6 Lcd:
This is the widely used output device to indicate the status. Here the transaction details are clearly displayed on the LCD.
2.7 Buzzer:
This is the output device which we are using to indicate the unauthorized person.
2.8 Locker System:
Here we are demonstrating a DC motor as the Locker for the authorized persons in the Locker system mode.
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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Angel please send the program for finger print based atm
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i want ppt in this project and implimentation...please send me
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to get information about the topic fingerprint based project and implimentations full report ,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow and implimentation-full-report

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