hdmi(high definition multimedia interface)
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01-02-2010, 11:27 AM

i want abstract and some material of hdmi (high definition multimedia interface)
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HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is combines video and audio into a single digital interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data and use with digital versatile disc (DVD) players, digital television (DTV) players, set-top boxes, and other audiovisual devices. The basis for HDMI is High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) , HDMI supports, on a single cable TV or PC video format, including standard, enhanced, and high-definition video; up to 8 channels of digital audio and HDMI devices to control each other when necessary and allows the user to operate multiple devices with oneremote control handse because HDMI represents a digital alternative to consumer analog standards

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HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a compact audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data. It is the latest alternative to the ones like (RF) coaxial cable, composite video, S-Video, SCART, component video, VGA cables. It can be used to connect digital audio/video sources such as set-top boxes, DVD players, HD DVD players, Blu-ray Disc players , gaming consoles like PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and also PC, computer monitors and digital TVs.

Hitachi, Matsushita Electric Industrial (Panasonic/National/Quasar), Philips, Silicon Image, Sony, Thomson (RCA), and Toshiba are the combined founders of HDMI. Fox, Universal, Warner Bros., and Disney, studios provide support for the HDMI format. Many cable TV system operators also support HDMI. It was actually developed as a substitute AV connector that was backward-compatible with DVI.


The protocols, signals, electrical interfaces, and mechanical requirements of the standard are specified by the HDMI specification. HDMI 1.0 required a pixel clock rate of 165 MHz, which was sufficient for supporting 1080p and WUXGA. For enabling higher resolution, HDMI 1.3 increased that to 340 MHz.

Blu-ray Disc/HD DVD players:
These formats provide new high-fidelity audio features and they require HDMI. Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD Master Audio can be transmitted in compressed form

Personal computers
an HDMI-enabled monitor can recieve input from PCs that support DVI interface. HDMI interface is already included in some PCs and laptops. Intel's motherboard chipsets later than 945G have HDMI video output capability

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hdmi(high definition multimedia interface)

In a constantly changing industry, HDMI is the next major attempt at an all-in-one, standardized, universal connector for audio/video applications. Featuring a modern design and backed by the biggest names in the electronic industry, HDMI is set to finally unify all digital media components with a single cable, remote, and interface.

HDMI is built with a 5 Gbps bandwidth limit, over twice that of HDTV (which runs at 2.2 Gbps), and is built forwards-compatible by offering unallocated pipeline for future technologies. The connectors are sliding contact (like FireWire and USB) instead of screw-on (like DVI), and are not nearly as bulky as most current video interfaces.
HDMI 1.3 further increases the bandwith limit to 10.2 Gbps, to allow for the video and audio improvements of the upgraded standard.

The screaming bandwidth of HDMI is structured around delivering the highest-quality digital video and audio throughout your entertainment center. Capable of all international frequencies and resolutions, the HDMI cable will replace all analog signals (i.e. S-Video, Component, Composite, and Coaxial), as well as HDTV digital signals (i.e. DVI, P&D, DFP), with absolutely no compromise in quality.

Additionally, HDMI is capable of carrying up to 8 channels of digital-audio, replacing the old analog connections (RCA, 3.5mm) as well as optical formats (SPDIF, Toslink).

The HDMI Founders include leading consumer electronics manufacturers Hitachi, Matsushita Electric Industrial (Panasonic), Philips, Sony, Thomson (RCA), Toshiba, and Silicon Image. Digital Content Protection, LLC (a subsidiary of Intel) is providing High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) for HDMI. In addition, HDMI has the support of major motion picture producers Fox and Universal, and system operators DirecTV, EchoStar (Dish Network) as well as CableLabs.

HDMI and HDCP are two distinctly separate standards, owned by separate governing entities. The HDMI Working Group is comprised of seven founding companies: Hitachi, Matsushita (best known for the Panasonic brand), Philips, Silicon Image, Sony, Thomson (known for RCA branded products) and Toshiba. These companies worked together to develop the HDMI specification, which is currently at version 1.1. The HDMI Licensing LLC administers HDMI licenses and the mandatory compliance testing associated for HDMI.
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08-03-2011, 11:07 AM

please send me seminar and presentation of hdmi
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hdmi(high definition multimedia interface)

.doc   report 2011.doc (Size: 981.5 KB / Downloads: 23)


HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a compact audio/video interface or a connector for transmitting uncompressed digital data. By delivering crystal-clear, all-digital audio and video via a single cable, HDMI dramatically simplifies cabling and helps provide consumers with the highest-quality home theater experience.

Composite Video

An analog television (picture only) signal modulated onto an RF carrier.

Contains all required video information, It is a composite of three source signals called Y, U and V with sync pulses. Y represents the brightness or luminance of the picture and includes synchronizing pulses, so that by itself it could be displayed as a monochrome picture. U and V represent hue and saturation or chrominance; between them they carry the color information

Separate video/S-Video

An analog video transmission scheme.
Video information is encoded on two channels: luma (luminance, intensity) and chroma (color).
The luminance (Y; gray-scale) signal and chrominance (C; color) information are carried on separate, synchronized signal and ground pairs

An Interface acts as medium of interaction or communication between any two devices. It's a single cable and user-friendly connector that replaces the maze of cabling behind the home entertainment center.
It’s the one cable that transmits digital video, digital audio, and control data through a single high-speed link, making it the best and easiest way to turn your TV into a home entertainment powerhouse. HDMI provides an interface between any A/V source, such as a set-top box, Blu-ray Disc players, DVD player, personal computers (PCs), video game consoles (such as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360), and AV receivers such as compatible digital audio devices, computer monitors, video project and implimentationors, and digital television(DTV) over a single cable.

High- definition television (or HDTV, or just HD) refers to video having resolution substantially higher than traditional television systems (standard-definition TV, or SDTV, or SD). HD has one or two million per frame, roughly five times that of SD. Early HDTV broadcasting used analog techniques, but today HDTV is digitally broadcast using video compression.

HDMI technology is the global standard for connecting high-definition products: the uncompressed, all-digital interface that delivers both dazzling quality and unmatched ease of use. HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a compact audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data. It's a single cable and user-friendly connector that replaces the maze of cabling behind the home entertainment center.
HDMI connects digital audio/video sources—such as set-top boxes, Blu-ray Disc players, personal computers (PCs). HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is today the best kind of digital audio and video connector available that promises to replace all connectors currently used by players, cable/satellite decoders, TV sets, video project and implimentationors and video monitors


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